Varella Endodontics

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Patient Review by Margaret J

I highly recommend Dr. Varella ! He and his staff are EXCEPTIONAL in every aspect. Dr. Varella explained the root canal process to me every step of the way. He and his staff went 'Above and Beyond' to make sure I was comfortable during the entire visit. I can't thank Dr, Varella enough for saving my tooth. I have had several root canals in my lifetime and no one compares to Varella Endodontics. If you ever need a root canal, you owe it to yourself to choose Dr. Varella. He is absolutely the BEST!!

- Margaret J

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Patient Review by Beth O

This team is exactly what you need for quality top shelf care.

- Beth O

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Patient Review by Benjamin H

I was very impressed with all aspects and will certainly return if more dental work is needed in the future. The office staff, assistants, and Doctor were all totally professional, but still very warm in regard to how I was treated. Everything was explained before, during, and after my procedures, as well as all aspects of my insurance coverage. I absolutely recommend Dr. Varella and his staff.

- Benjamin H

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Patient Review by Beth I

Too many medical professionals have their heads down over computers and never look at you directly or as more than a body part. This angel not only read my forms in advance and asked me detailed questions about allergies and prior procedures, but he made good eye contact, gave an old-fashioned human touch, and recognition that there was a human being in the chair, not just a body part. Worked around my problems, even to position of the chair for MY comfort. And the procedure? Involved, took multiple days, and came out perfectly. Gets my business forever after! If in doubt, Varella is the one to book with. So thrilled my dentist referred me.

- Beth I

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Patient Review by Linda B

From the setting up of appointments for preevaluation and actual procedures, Dr Varella and his staff were consummate professionals, as expected, but everyone also had compassion and kindness for what I was dealing with in re difficult and scary procedures. I would recommend this office and staff highly to others seeking these kind of services. I can only expect more of the same excellent, delicate handling of my case and my mouth for upcoming second procedure and followups thereafter.

- Linda B

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Patient Review by Edmond F

Fantastic overall service

- Edmond F

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Patient Review by Joe G

Dr. Varella has a highly competent team of individuals that address the needs of the patient first. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

- Joe G

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Patient Review by Barbara R

From start to finish, Dr. Varella and his staff made my root canal and visit a great experience. They kept me calm and explained everything as they went. Excellent service!!!

- Barbara R

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Patient Review by Carole P

I doubt very many people look forward to dental work, but when you find a great staff and someone with the ability of Dr. Varella you will feel blessed to have met him..Thanks so much for your talent and caring...

- Carole P

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Patient Review by Carmen S

Dr. Varella and the staff were wonderful. Explained everything beforehand. Also kept checking on me during the root canal. Although it was well after 6:00 p.m. when the procedure was finished, Dr. Varella took the time to make sure that I understood the follow up care. Also provided a cell number to call if I have any complications. Great service!

- Carmen S

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Patient Review by Kristen G

I am so amazed with this practice that as I drove out, I called my dentist to express my gratitude for her referral! I am so happy with this practice that I'm going to Health Grade it and Yelp it. I will be recommending this practice to whomever needs this service. I think it is important to know that the office staff reflects the standard of the office and that it made the visit that much better.

- Kristen G

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