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Patient Review by Richard D

After a personal problem in the chair with dizziness, the dr and staff were like ER and were so helpful and professional. Procedure aborted! No penalty Upon return all went well with different approach fir my benefit. Big success due to expertise, professionalism and highest concern for patient’s health and comfort I’m blessed because of my experience there

- Richard D

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Patient Review by Debbie Coleman

I had to get two root canals and it was the best doctor office I have ever went to they are so sweet and kind they treat you like your family they take amazing care of you and the ladies there are amazing 😉

- Debbie Coleman

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Patient Review by Nanci S

The only negative thing about my visit was the fact that I needed a root canal! Dr. Varella and his staff are exceptional - totally top notch!

- Nanci S

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Patient Review by Eileen Maguire

During my lifetime I have been to many dentists, oral surgeons, and endodontists, but Dr. Claudio Varella gets an A+ from me. While his many academic credentials speak for themselves, and his results are always exemplary, it is his kindness which I found to be unique. He does everything in his power to assuage the feelings of apprehension in the patient, and that is a priceless commodity, which cannot be attained academically. As he moves forward with the dental procedure, he gently informs the patient of what he is doing, and asks if there is any discomfort. Well, there is not, because this fine physician sees to that. I have had two root canals with Dr. Varella, and the results have been wonderful. He and his staff make going to the dentist quite a pleasant experience. He has a contagious and witty personality, and has the unique qualities of both kindness and courage. I cannot recommend this wonderful endondontist, Dr. Claudio Varella more heartily. You will be fortunate to be his patient. I know I am. Thank you for everything, dear Dr. Varella. Jacksonville is lucky to have you in our midst.

- Eileen Maguire

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Patient Review by paulo m

great practice ,professional , knowledgeable and very friendly

- paulo m

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Patient Review by Janice F

Dr. Varella and his staff are truly outstanding. They are very professional, knowledgeable, caring and kind. Dr. Varella explained everything about the procedure and answered all questions. Dr. Varella is definitely the best and I highly recommend Varella Endodontics.

- Janice F

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Patient Review by Richard H

We are so fortunate to have a dentist with Dr. Varella's background and talent practicing endodontics in Jacksonville. He addresses each dental challenge with state of the art technology and insight Equally important, Dr. Varella and his staff are energetic and personable striving to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the dental procedure. Dr. Varella worked hard to save one of my molars, first ensuring I understood the risks associated with each of the options. Together we made a decision and the outcome has been very positive. His ability and willingness to communicate combined with his positive, energetic personality gave me confidence that he was the right choice for me. Additionally, Dr. Varella went out of his way to ensure his pricing was fair and reasonable.

- Richard H

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Patient Review by Tabitha L

I was very nervous about getting a root canal. So nervous, I put it off for a year and even considered just getting the tooth pulled. I finally broke down and made an appointment. The day of the appointment, I was so scared. Upon arrival I was taken into the back by Ms. D. She explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Varella came in and just put me more at ease! I have no idea why I was so nervous. Dr. Varella and Ms. D made my experience so comforting. They made sure throughout the whole process I was okay and not feeling anything. I would recommend Dr. Varella to everyone!

- Tabitha L

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Patient Review by William L

Great office, staff and service. Kept comfortable and very much at ease. All went well. Great sense of humor throughout the office.

- William L

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Patient Review by Reggie M

Highly recommended Painless Easy going and knowledgeable

- Reggie M

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Patient Review by Amanda B

All of the staff were great at helping me to feel comfortable and put my anxiety at ease. I have never had a root canal before and my only experience with the dentist has been negative. Being that this was my first root canal I definitely was nervous. Dr. Varella was PHENOMENAL at completing my root canal and most of the procedure was completely pain free. I only felt a tiny bit of pain once. Thank you Dr. Varella and staff for making me comfortable and giving me such a great staff.

- Amanda B

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Patient Review by Judy C

I have spent most of my life being petrified of dentists. Dr Varella made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The treatment was painless (so surprised). He is highly recommended to anyone who needs his services. Thank you Dr Varella and Davina. You are the best!!!!

- Judy C

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Patient Review by Patrece N

Dr. Varella went above and beyond in providing me with exceptional, individualized care. He and his staff were friendly and accommodating and wonderfully attentive to my needs. Varella Endodontics is the BEST in the business and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need of endodontic treatment.

- Patrece N

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Patient Review by Robert C

I had a great experience with the Doctor and his staff. I highly recommend them.

- Robert C

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Patient Review by Paul W

In general, root canals have a bad rep. I wasn’t looking forward to mine even though Dr Varella said they would make me as comfortable as possible. But my anxiousness was all for nothing. From start to finish, I felt nothing. Dr V continued to check if I was doing ok and I was fine. It seemed like it only took about 30 minutes (although it did was probably closer to an hour). After heading home, i had no pain during the rest of the day or the next day - didn’t even need to take any meds. I very much appreciate Dr V and his staff for making my procedure so easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend them!

- Paul W

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Patient Review by Ana D

The Best

- Ana D

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Patient Review by Elizabeth R

The best dental experience I have ever had.I went in feeling very apprehensive.I was put at ease immediately by Amber at the front desk.Amber was expert at letting me know how the insurance and payments would work for me.Then Divina put me even more at ease.Finally,Dr Varella explained each step that was to occur assuring me that I would feel no pain.He told the truth.I am so happy with the way I was treated from start to finish.I am also happy with the whole staff and my procedure.If I need another procedure requiring an endodontist ,I most definitely will go back to Dr. Varella.

- Elizabeth R

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Patient Review by ALBERT F

I highly recommend Dr. Varella. The care that I received from Dr. Varella and his staff was outstanding. Dr. Varella has a great bedside manner and very easy to talk to. The team that he surrounds himself with is a true reflection of the high standards of dental medicine that Dr. Varellal requires. Should I need his services again I would not hesitate to call him.


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Patient Review by Dale M

Dr. Varella and staff are capable, friendly, empathetic, caring and professional. I highly recommend them if you need services of an endodontist.

- Dale M

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Patient Review by Marguerite M

Dr. Varella & staff are awesome, professional, knowledgeable, efficient, lite touch with little to no pain and went the extra mile by staying late twice to help me. I had a root canal around 20 years ago. Missed a root which lead to Facial Cellulitis. Really nasty infection. Not only did they see me immediately after my Dentist called and a few days later worked me into their very busy schedule (worked late again). I had a vacation planned which only gave Dr. Varella a small window to work with and he did not disappoint. I have been to many Endodontics before; however I will always go back to Dr. Claudio Varella.

- Marguerite M

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